Eco-Friendly Calgary Wedding: Greening Your Big Day

As the world leans towards sustainable practices, many couples in Calgary are embracing eco-friendly wedding options. This not only aligns with their environmental values but also gives a unique and meaningful touch to their celebrations. To ensure your green wedding goes off without a hitch and you have access to sustainable options for all your needs, consider They offer services like photography, video, DJ, and lights and provide eco-friendly rental choices like chairs, tables, wedding tents, and dance floors.

Eco-Friendly Calgary Wedding: Greening Your Big Day

1. Venues Embracing Nature

Opt for outdoor venues like gardens or parks which require less artificial lighting and decoration. Such settings, aside from being naturally beautiful, have a lower carbon footprint.

2. Sustainable Invitations

Consider digital invites or using recycled paper. If you still want physical invitations, opt for plantable paper which guests can later sow to grow wildflowers.

3. Eco-friendly Attire

Choose designers who use sustainable fabrics or consider renting outfits. You can also explore vintage shops in Calgary for unique, pre-loved wedding dresses and suits.

4. Seasonal & Local Catering

Choose caterers who source local and seasonal produce. This not only supports Calgary’s local farmers but also reduces the carbon footprint associated with food transportation.

5. Green Decor

Use potted plants instead of cut flowers for decorations. After the ceremony, they can be gifted, planted, or used in your home, ensuring no wastage.

6. Ethical Jewelry

Opt for jewelers who use recycled materials or conflict-free stones. Calgary has several jewelers who adhere to ethical practices.

7. Sustainable Transport

Encourage guests to carpool or provide shared transport options. Consider using a hybrid or electric vehicle as your wedding car.

8. Eco-Friendly Favors

Gifts like seed packets, bamboo cutlery, or organic soaps can be both useful and eco-conscious.

9. Green Wedding Registry

If you’re setting up a registry, choose eco-friendly or sustainable products. Or, encourage guests to donate to a favorite environmental charity.

10. Waste Minimization

Plan for recycling and composting at your wedding venue. Work with your caterer and venue to ensure leftover food is donated or composted.

Plan with a Purpose

Every green choice you make for your wedding contributes to a larger global cause. With, you get a partner that understands and aligns with your eco-friendly aspirations. Your sustainable journey towards marital bliss in Calgary starts with the right choices.

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